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"The story of one person
is the story of everyone."

— Paulo Coelho

Skillful Storytelling | Episode 9 | Havilah Malone

Posted by Justin Bayer on June 1, 2017 at 8:01 AM
Justin Bayer
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Havilah Malone exudes life. Our initial connection occurred during New Orleans Entrepreneur Week this past March as I worked a table representing Welcome To College. I like to think that the glass beads I was rocking that day were what brought us together, but when Havilah walked by, we shared an immediate connection. She had the most genuine smile and warm presence.

As soon as we engaged in conversation, I knew I was speaking with an incredible person. Our conversation began as a typical introduction, however it quickly transformed into a dialogue on similar books that have inspired us or that we were both reading. Havilah also shared details of her professional career as a best selling author and motivational speaker, and of her appearances on television. She shed light on the journey she has been traveling: a journey guided by the true north of helping others live the most energetic and best versions of themselves.


I purchased one of her most recent projects, The Amazing Adventure of Oliver Hill, a book she co-authored for children based on Napoleon Hill’s seventeen principles of success. What resonated with me the most while sharing the book before bed with my son was Havilah’s skillful story telling. Her work as a storyteller is powerful and poignant, as story telling is at the heart of what drives the work behind student ambassadors making meaningful connections with prospective students and families. Meeting Havilah was no coincidence. Meeting Havilah has helped inspire a new mindset about the work we are doing to help student tour guides give the most inspiring tours possible, through their stories.

Topics: Inspire, Storytelling, Helping Others, Motivation

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