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Sarah Rectenwald

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Miss Rectenwald serves as the marketing director for Heritage Classical Academy. Miss Rectenwald graduated from Grove City College in 2020 where she studied marketing management and communications and served as a student ambassador.

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5 Tour Guide Skills You Can Take With You After Graduation

March 11, 2021 Confidence, Public Speaking, Empathy, Customer Service

Campus tour guides have the opportunity to develop a universal skill set that can help them personally and professionally long after they graduate. Here are 5 skills I gained from my time as a tour guide:

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How To Answer The Most Common Question Asked On A Campus Tour

March 05, 2021 Reimagining College Visits, Storytelling

The most common question I received as a tour guide was, “Why did you decide to attend college here?” Although it’s a simple question, I wasn’t always sure how to respond.

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