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Campus Tour Guide Spotlight: Stephania Ochs

Posted by Lianna Patch
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Stephania Ochs — Junior, Arizona State University

As a brand-new freshman at Arizona State University, Stephania Ochs already wanted to give back to her school.

“When I heard of the Devils’ Advocates tour guides being a volunteer position, I was called to do it,” she says. “Arizona State was, without a doubt, the perfect school for me, and I knew that I could reach out to prospective students and share everything that ASU has done for me, and the possibilities this school has for them.”


Stephania’s upbeat attitude informs her tours, where she tries to learn as much about visiting prospective students as she can. “One of the first things I do is ask where everyone is from, and what they want to study,” she says. “This gives me a glimpse at their personality, and I get to see what they may be interested in at ASU. Every tour I give is so different because of this.” She also tailors her approach to a group’s mood, offering personal anecdotes and jokes alongside the facts and stats that so many parents want to know. “If I have a group of extroverts, I feel much more comfortable sharing funny stories and telling jokes along the way, because I know they will laugh at — and with — me,” she says.


Stephania’s MARV

As a fitness instructor at ASU’s Sun Devil Fitness Complex, Stephania also leads fellow students in group exercise classes. “It’s the most rewarding work I’ve ever done,” she says. “I know I am helping others lead healthy lives, and that is exactly what I want to do with the rest of my life.”


The decision to make wellness her life’s work played a big role in Stephania’s major: business management. “I decided on my major because I realized that everything in life is business,” she says. “Whether you’re a doctor, a politician, or fitness instructor, business is inescapable.” She plans to manage her own fitness and wellness business someday. “I truly believe that happiness starts with healthiness, and I want to show people that they can be their best self!” she says.

Many of Stephania’s classes at the moment focus on one particular aspect of owning a business. “I study various strategies, and types, of leadership,” she says. “Leadership is applicable to all aspects of my life. Whether I am being a tour guide, leading a fitness class or managing the juice bar, I can directly incorporate what my major is teaching me into real life.”

Looking out for #1


Setting goals for herself, and continually working toward them, assures Stephania that she’ll be successful in her post-college career. “I set scholastic goals for myself to attain a high GPA, and finish school on time,” she says. “I measure my career goals by continually trying to improve my position and gain certifications in fitness. As long as I am happy and striving for the next goal, I know I am doing what I am supposed to.”

Naturally, she also focuses on eating well and exercising — both practices that, by now, come easily to her.

But the most important way Stephania helps herself reach her goals is by prioritizing her most vital relationship. “I think the most important relationship in my life is with myself,” she says. “I know that no one will treat me as well as I can. That is exactly why I take the time to eat healthy, push myself toward my goals, and reward myself when I do something that makes me proud. The relationship I have with myself gives me the confidence I need in order to stay happy and strive forward when times get tough!”

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