It's All in the Visit

Inspiration for optimizing college visits.

10 College Tour Guides Poised To Change The World

January 03, 2017 Inspire

Over the past few months, we have been thrilled to welcome over 2,000 college tour guides into the Welcome To College ambassador community. These students, from all over the world, are making a positive difference each day as they lead...

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Campus Visitor Hierarchy of Needs

September 15, 2016 Reimagining College Visits

I just completed the first month of staff and ambassador workshops for the 2016-2017 academic year, and I owe a huge thank you to the schools that helped me kick it off: Albion College, St. John’s University, University of Dayton,...

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Parting Words of Advice: 6 Tips from Graduating Campus Tour Guides

May 23, 2016 Student Stories, Reimagining College Visits, Inspire

It’s graduation time, and a bittersweet moment for most graduating seniors. In the two years we’ve been running tour guide workshops, we’ve had the great fortune of getting to know hundreds of incredible guides at institutions across the...

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3 Strategies to Consider for April Tours

April 18, 2016 Reimagining College Visits

If you are in the campus tour guide community there is almost nothing better than the feeling you get after hosting a visit or event when you know you nailed it. It’s probably similar to what Steph Curry feels after he hits a 3 pointer!

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Where Are They Now: College Tour Guide Edition

March 17, 2016 Where Are They Now

With March Madness in the air, I can't help but recall one of my favorite NCAA Tournament memories that occurred while I was running the campus visit program at the University of Vermont. It was March 18, 2005 and the #13 seeded Vermont...

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Leading A Tour That Leaves You As Excited As Your Visiting Families

January 25, 2016 Reimagining College Visits

Maybe you’ve experienced or heard of this before: You are traveling outside of the country or far from your home state. Unexpectedly, you see someone you’ve never met wearing a t-shirt from a 5k race in your hometown or a sweatshirt from...

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Guiding Your Campus Tours With Meaning

November 18, 2015 Reimagining College Visits

As a campus tour guide, it is a pretty safe bet that one of the reasons you were chosen for your position is because you are generally happy at your school.

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Where Are They Now: College Tour Guide Edition

August 21, 2015 Where Are They Now

A few weeks ago, I travelled to New York City for meetings. While there, I reconnected with a good friend and former tour guide from the University of Vermont, Jessica Kowalewski Dietrich.

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5 Things to See and Do When Visiting Elmira College

July 21, 2015 5 Things to See and Do on Your College Visits

Gothic Architecture

Nestled in New York’s beautiful Finger Lakes region, Elmira College has a historic campus footprint unlike any other.

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5 Things to See and Do on a Millsaps College Visit

June 30, 2015 5 Things to See and Do on Your College Visits


A most coveted item on any college campus is a close parking spot. I had one waiting for me upon arrival at Millsaps College – a small gesture with a big impact.

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